A movement can inspire millions to the path of being a better nation.
As a socially conscious brand, we try to bring about a change in the perception of menstruation and establish the right of every woman to personal hygiene as part a of the activities of the Niine Foundation.



pads to the underprivileged, directly and via our partner NGOs.

3E's Niine follows a 3 pronged approach to ensure maximum engagement across all genders and ages


Educate girls, women, boys, and men of good menstrual hygiene practices. With the help of social caregivers and self-help groups, the movement will reach out to 48% of rural women and girls, and educate them on the significance of menstruation how to treat period using the right means and methods.


Enrol citizens and existing menstrual hygiene product users in a supportive, taboo free environment to create an open forum for discussion. Invite all mothers, fathers, health officials, villagers, community leaders, local self-help groups and teachers to start talking about periods and period safety.


Enhance the sanitation sector of India by providing the best quality menstrual hygiene products at appropriate prices. Harnessing the power of digital technology and social media, the movement will empower women, adolescent, and young girls in rural and semi-urban areas to discover and use quality sanitation solutions for healthier and safer womanhood.

Seeing the success and interest Niine Movement gathered, from inception; a dedicated not for profit organization under the name "Niine Foundation" has been set up, to be able to work and garner resources from like minded individuals NGOs and corporates to add wings to the movement and let everyone join in.

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