March 26 2019

9 common period myths

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The very mention of the word 'periods' has been a taboo in the Indian society. For generations, women and young girls have been hiding behind the stigma of menstruation being a dirty and impure thing leading to innumerable myths surrounding this biological activity. Even today, some of these age-old myths exist in our society and lives of women, just like the old wives’ tales. Most of these concepts are based on religious superstitions, cultural and social practices. Despite exposure to education, modern Indian women also tend to fall prey to the most common period myths, making them feel guilty of having periods and prohibiting them from participating in normal social activities.

Here are the most widespread myths about periods and the real facts to bust them:

Myth #1

You cannot step into a temple or any religious place for that matter, when you are menstruating, because you are ‘impure’ to enter the house of god. Also, you cannot touch anything religious or offer prayers while on periods.

Fact: Menstruation is a scientific and biological process of the female body to maintain its fertility by shedding the uterus lining. If anything, this natural order of the body is a way to keep the anatomy in order. So there’s no reason to consider a menstruating woman ‘impure’.

Myth # 2

You cannot enter the kitchen during periods (for pretty much the same reasons as above).

Fact: Periods are not contagious or infectious that spread ‘germs’ or ‘pollutants’ which can harm food substances. So there’s no rationale for preventing a women from entering and doing her daily kitchen chores, even if she is on periods.

Myth #3

You should not touch pickle or even the pickle jar or it will get spoiled.


Fact: There’s no scientific evidence that proves any connection between menstruation and spoilage of any kind of food. As long as you practice proper food hygiene, there’s no reason that your grandma’s pickle or milk, or any edible thing will go bad.

Myth #4

You cannot get pregnant when you are on periods.



Fact: Every woman’s menstrual cycle varies. While the average cycle length is 28 days, many women have cycles that range between 21 to 35 days. Hence their ovulation also varies. Irrespective of a long or short cycle, the eggs can hold onto your ovaries between 12-24 hours. The closer you are towards the end of your cycle, the higher chances of getting pregnant.

Myth #5

You should not eat sour food like curd, tamarind, and pickles when on periods, because it can disturb or stop the menstrual flow.


Fact: Research says, that when you are menstruating, you should increase your intake of Vitamin D-rich foods so as to ease the cramps and pain. So curds, milks, eggs, and fishes are a must-have during periods. Though spicy food can increase the acid levels in your stomach and just add to the discomfort, it has no correlation to your periods.

Myth #6

You cannot take bath all through your menstrual cycle.


Fact: There cannot be anything more unhygienic than not having a bath. Doctors recommend a hot, indulgent bath during periods to relax the muscles and ease the stiffness and discomfort that you might be having during periods.

Myth #7

Your period stops if you get into water.


Fact: Though this is completely contradictory to the previous myth it is a myth nevertheless. Also, even if the pressure of water holds the menstrual blood for a while, it doesn’t mean that the flow will stop altogether.

Myth #8

If you touch a cow it will become infertile.


Fact: Again, periods are not contagious and have no bacteria releasing capacity to hamper the fertility of any animal, cow or whatsoever.

Myth #9

You should not exercise during periods.


Fact: Exercising keeps your blood flow intact, prevents stiff muscles and relieves bloating- the most common period symptoms. And, for those who are unaware, exercising releases serotonin- the happy hormone which makes you feel good.

If you believe in busting these ongoing myths and #talkAboutPeriod, join the NIINE Movement.



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